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ROI Focused Property Management For Investors

A property management solution for investors by investors.

Build wealth with a performance-based management team.

Enjoy a profit-friendly fee structure

Grow your portfolio with a turn key acquisition system

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Your Local Wealth-Building Partner

We view our job as your wealth builder, not a fee-driven vendor. We understand what it's like to have money at-risk, and the importance of managing real estate assets to increase cash flow and long term equity. Institutional and mid-tier investors (owners of 10 to 100 rentals) find this philosophy especially refreshing. Let us focus on optimizing your income and protecting your properties so you can focus on growing your portfolio. Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow more profitably.

Michael Schiff


The best property management company in Central Florida by far! I feel like I'm working with a commercial brokerage. Very professional. They understand real estate investing and are currently helping me build my rental portfolio.

Call to increase the ROI of your rentals

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Our Services

Rent Collection

Tired of chasing tenants for rent payments each month? We'll handle rent collection for you. Our online tenant portals make it easy for renters to make payments online.


We use a wide assortment of marketing tools to connect with the largest audience possible. Interested renters can even schedule a property showing using our digital listings.

Tenant Screening

Problematic tenants cause endless headaches and decrease profits. Our 5-point screening process helps us keep bad renters from poisoning your investment(s).


Say goodbye to long weekends spent resolving problems in your rental(s). We process maintenance requests and coordinate repairs with our bench of proven vendors/contractors.

Property Inspections

Entrust your property(s) with us and you'll never worry about the health of your investments again. We schedule frequent inspections to keep tabs on your home(s).

Financial Reporting

From tax paperwork to profit and loss statements, our team works diligently to keep your financials in order. Access your information any time using your online owner's portal.


Kicking out a bad tenant is an unpleasant process. With our team at your side, you'll never go it alone. We handle evictions (at no up-charge to you) and work to find good replacements for your home(s).

Legal Guidance

Struggling to understand the nuances of local landlord-tenant law? Our attorney network and seasoned staff has helped countless owners stay compliant while remaining profitable.


You're In Good Hands

"Since Remi Emerson Residential has taken over our properties, we've spent a LOT less time on the phone managing our managers. They are the best in the area."

Jamie Perpetua


"I'd say I'm a novice investor. They made the job of landlording a lot less intimidating for me. They are very communicative and their fees are reasonable."

Jason Lee


"After an ugly eviction, I was about to throw my hands up and sell. I gave it one more shot with Remi Emerson Residential. They handled repairs and got a great tenant in the home fast. No issues since. Thank you!"

Tammy Reeves


Step 1

Call us to chat about your property(s) and investment goals.

Step 2

We will conduct a Rental Assessment and execute a plan to increase your ROI.

Step 3

You enjoy passive investing, watch your profits and portfolio grow!

No Risk Guarantee

The founders do not believe in forcing clients to work with us if they are not happy. If you are dissatisfied in the level of service we provide as your property manager, at any time, we will gladly let you out of your property management contract, without penalty. *

* Assumes any outstanding costs incurred have been settled (e.g. paid bills, repair work, etc.)

Call to increase the ROI of your rentals

(407) 707-6404


ROI-Based Pricing

New 12-Month Lease

Securing a new lease with a good tenant is half the battle. After marketing your property to a large audience, screening candidates with our 5-point checklist, conducting the move-in inspection, and setting accountability expectations with a qualified tenant, we collect 50% of the first month rent as a placement fee. *

Monthly Income

Rents are due on the 1st of each month. Our goal during the screening process is to avoid bad tenants in the first place, but if your tenant doesn't pay, we chase the delinquency so you get paid by the middle of the month, via ACH direct deposit. We keep 8% of collected rents.* If we don't collect rent for you on any given month, we don't get paid.

No Vacancy Or Turnover Costs

The #1 cost to landlords is missed income from vacancies and repair costs when a tenant leaves at the end of their lease. Keeping tenants for multiple lease periods is the key to boosting the ROI of your rental(s). We strive to keep good tenants in your home(s) longer. When we are successful, we collect 50% of the first month's rent on the renewed lease.*

*Minimum Tenant Placement, Management, and Renewal Fees apply for properties with a monthly rent less than $2,000

Chris Hodge


I have hired and fired multiple property management companies for my homes. They talk a good game in the beginning, then always end up underperforming. I'm very happy with Remi Emerson Residential. They stay on top of things and I never have problems with my tenants. I highly recommend them for investors who don't want to worry about their properties.

Call to increase the ROI of your rentals

(407) 707-6404


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What areas do you serve?

Answer: To keep operations efficient so we can serve our clients well, we ONLY service Southeast Orlando, to include Lake Nona, Waterford Lakes, St. Cloud, Sunbridge, and Oviedo.

Question: What types of properties do you manage?

Answer: Single family homes, multifamily, quads, triplexes, duplexes, and townhomes. Not all properties qualify. Once we walk the property, we can confirm whether or not we can properly service it.

Question: How do I access my financials?

Answer: All owners will have access to our online landlord portal which accounts for all income and expenses. It also provides simple access to your financial documents for your tax pro.

Question: How do you ensure tenants are taking care of my property(s)? How often do you inspect?

Answer: We inspect prior to move-in and take photos. Then, we inspect again at move-out. Inspections are documented and signed by the tenant(s). Further, if the property owner opts for the Landlord Protection Plan (LPP), we will do a pest control treatment, take photos, check and replace air filters and smoke detector batteries every four months.

Question: How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

Answer: Repair requests are first addressed with the tenant to ensure they aren’t missing an easy fix (e.g. operator error). Then, they are inspected to validate the need to spend money. If the cost is over $500, and does not pose a threat to the tenant’s safety (e.g. the AC dies in the middle of the summer), we will consult with the property owner with recommendations for resolution. After receiving confirmation from the owner, we engage proven contractors to handle the repair. On more extensive repairs, we will bid the work to ensure competitive pricing.

Question: Can you help me sell my property later?

Answer: Yes. As a professional courtesy, we work with your real estate agent to help you sell when you're ready. If you don't have an agent, we can help you as a licensed Florida real estate brokerage. We can also facilitate nontraditional exit strategies like lease/options and seller-assisted sales for tax relief. On occasion, we can even help you sell your property to the tenant occupying the premises for a discounted commission.

Gary Rice


Remi Emerson Residential is a life saver! I'm a new landlord. I didn't know how difficult it was to manage a rental. It's not something you learn in school. After two evictions (and lots of repairs), I decided to hire some help. I think this is what being a landlord is all about haha!

Call to increase the ROI of your rentals

(407) 707-6404


Our Mission

John Chin


As an investor myself, I've had mixed experiences with real estate investment "professionals."

At the end of the day, investors simply want local help they can rely on. This company was formed out of a clear need for an investor-centric property management solution in Central Florida that partners with other specialists who can help our clients with ALL their real estate investment needs.

Our mission is simple; help investors grow their real estate wealth so they focus on living by design.

This means being diligent about protecting your rental income and the value of your portfolio.

Most property management companies are fee-driven, meaning, they treat owners and tenants as sources of revenue. We believe this is a conflict of interest, which is why we adopted our ROI-based fee structure that aligns with our clients' profit motive.

We choose to bypass the typical laundry list of fees so we can earn more in the long run by helping our property owners accumulate more rental properties.

It's a true Win/Win approach, and the reason we are growing fast in our specialty markets of Lake Nona, Waterford Lakes, St. Cloud, Sunbridge, and Oviedo.

Property management for savvy real estate investors is all we do. We are passionate about service and look forward to helping you grow your wealth.

Start your journey with us by requesting your Rental Assessment below, or call us to speak to one of our property managers now.

John Chin, Broker

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